• "My friend is a whore"

    "My friend is a whore"

    Easy on the eyes, but her attention whoring puts a Kardashian to shame. 1 dick? k. 2 I get after a round of wine spritzers - but in front of 1,200 people? Bitch, if I wanted to see livestock, I'd get my ban lifted from The Bronx Zoo.

    Date: 06/24/17 Views: 33,996 Category: Slutty

  • REAL: Seducing a Day Laborer

    REAL: Seducing a Day Laborer

    Ever see the movie The Cable Guy'? Me neither, but if they ever made a porn spinoff with a a heterosexual storyline... this would probably be it.

    Date: 06/24/17 Views: 22,982 Category: Amateur



    Contrary to the social media hive mind, black girls do have sex with their privileged overlords. Unfortunately this one performs like George Costanza after an Adderall. Calling him 'inexperienced' would a compliment, HAHA.

    Date: 06/23/17 Views: 46,350 Category: Webcams

  • Hookin' at Home Depot

    Hookin' at Home Depot

    Lewdness is lewdness, I don't judge. But when you start leaving business cards (8:45) next to the finest Persian faux synthetic vinyl leather @ TGI Fridays you just soiled, we're on the verge of crossing boundaries M'LADY.

    Date: 06/23/17 Views: 43,192 Category: Public

  • The Queen of 'I fucked my mom' Porn

    The Queen of 'I fucked my mom' Porn

    2 things I value more than Arby's 5 for $5: One involves quilted toilet paper & pressure assisted toilets. The other is women so into their fantasies, they don't even need a costar to bring da squeeze. Today, 1 wish gets granted.

    Date: 06/22/17 Views: 74,527 Category: MILF

  • 10 Minutes of WTF

    10 Minutes of WTF


    Date: 06/22/17 Views: 102,982 Category: Asians

  • Wrong on too Many Levels

    Wrong on too Many Levels

    ♫ Lucky for me I'm not like those girls
    ♫ Who only take it all for granted
    ♫ All they got is what they're handed

    Date: 06/21/17 Views: 89,110 Category: Freaks

  • "Me and My Refugee"

    "Me and My Refugee"

    Tired of beating off to the same old ASMR fantasy videos, and want the next best thing? How about a sexually-inept Nigerian that looks more helpless than DJ Khaled in front of 10,000 vegetarians? you played yaself.

    Date: 06/21/17 Views: 81,607 Category: Cuck

  • Not my ass, ASSHOLE!

    Not my ass, ASSHOLE!

    And that's how the arranged marriage ended.

    Date: 06/20/17 Views: 80,911 Category: Assholes

  • Before she was a Legend

    Before she was a Legend

    Belladonna: The First Cornholing.

    Date: 06/20/17 Views: 74,622 Category: Vintage



    This will peak any cougar fantasies you may be struggling with. It'll also kill any hope you have at another site's titles being authentic. #FAPWITHOPE

    Date: 06/19/17 Views: 115,024 Category: MILF

  • 18-Year-Old Before and After

    18-Year-Old Before and After

    I was half expecting this chick's balloon knot to snap back into shape like a Yo-Yo... not pucker up like someone buttfucked her with a handful of Kimchi. Still hot. Just pop a few Advil int that sphincter and she be aiight.

    Date: 06/19/17 Views: 79,822 Category: Fail

  • I REFUSE to masturbate to this.

    I REFUSE to masturbate to this.

    You can't recover from this. She'll forever been known as the poster girl for autism in porn. She's essentially a walking, twitching, Reddit activist, yet she stays in good spirit no matter the chromosomes. I like dat, but I dont love it.

    Date: 06/18/17 Views: 87,531 Category: Derp



    Gettin real honest fam.

    Date: 06/18/17 Views: 84,866 Category: LMAO

  • Just scroll to 3:40 and listen

    Just scroll to 3:40 and listen

    Pretty sure I uncovered an ancient dialect. I dub it squirrelwhorian. Kinda like Spanglish: it cant be taught, only invoked. Japanese electronics required.

    Date: 06/17/17 Views: 96,485 Category: Asians



    Sex that almost kills you: The typical symptom of 'poppa didn't hug me, or he hugged me too much while I was asleep' syndrome. Most girls have regrets once this kinda thing goes public. But she has a different approach...

    Date: 06/17/17 Views: 87,887 Category: Alphas

  • CLASSIC: Ready or not, HERE I CUM!

    CLASSIC: Ready or not, HERE I CUM!

    A little wisdom I picked up watching Joe Fowler's Paint Zoom infomercial: Proper preparation is key. Think it cant apply to assfuckery? Neither did she.

    Date: 06/16/17 Views: 99,476 Category: Anal

  • Determined 19-Year-Old

    Determined 19-Year-Old

    14 minutes of Internet fame, and this elementary educated twat turns into the Floyd Mayweather of porn auditions. In other words: You'll pay good money to watch her in action, but only after she shuts the fuck up.

    Date: 06/15/17 Views: 102,379 Category: Porn

  • TBT: She PREFERS ass-to-mouth?

    TBT: She PREFERS ass-to-mouth?

    There's only two people willing to both sexually assault a comedy legend and chow down on their own dutch oven fumes. And they're both this girl.

    Date: 06/15/17 Views: 94,619 Category: Slutty

  • The REAL Refugee Crisis

    The REAL Refugee Crisis

    Not 1, but a ménage à trois of Harambe dicks go into attack formation, and she couldn't give less than a shit. srsly, I've seen more concern in a Walmart service line than this war-torn slut has for the function of her cornhole.

    Date: 06/14/17 Views: 112,232 Category: Big Dicks

  • Worst. Celebrity Hack. EVER.

    Worst. Celebrity Hack. EVER.


    Date: 06/14/17 Views: 100,657 Category: Celebrities

  • This is a Fucking Masterpiece

    This is a Fucking Masterpiece

    Listen homie, I've seen some pretty deplorable shit in my day: Guadalajarian safari porn, erotic photos of Dennis Rodman, Birdemic. But THIS? This shit had my complete attention for all 40.5 minutes. #MAKEASEQUEL

    Date: 06/13/17 Views: 172,919 Category: Hot

  • BULL-whipped


    What weighs 245lbs, has the lower body of a centaur, and enjoys turning female genitalia into mashed potatoes? This couples hired gun... and he's not even at full power yet. More unidentifiable rectum sodomy HERE

    Date: 06/13/17 Views: 112,268 Category: Rekt

  • Game of Boners

    Game of Boners

    Is the irony of a girl binge-watching a show about incest being completely unaware of her sister playing the skin clarinet, lost on anyone else? Just me?

    Date: 06/12/17 Views: 62,100 Category: Amateur

  • "boys are so gross!"

    "boys are so gross!"

    How to make your absurd family tree porn 50x better: Cast actors that don't look like they crawled out of Danny Bonaduce's asshole after a 2 night stay in Tijuana. That's what people want: To FAP. Not FAP and instantly regret it.

    Date: 06/12/17 Views: 146,339 Category: Incest

  • REAL: The 84lb Virgin

    REAL: The 84lb Virgin

    After banging a good 85% of the Czech Republic's population, he finally broke unfamiliar ground: A mint condition hymen... and an uneducated one at that. She taps out quicker than me during the Baywatch movie.

    Date: 06/11/17 Views: 265,638 Category: Virgins



    Well... that was uncomfortable.

    Date: 06/11/17 Views: 83,479 Category: Fappers

  • Stopped in Her Tracks

    Stopped in Her Tracks

    No lies: This video sucks. Except the 4 secs between 4:12-4:16 when it looks like every bad life decision and this morning's Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl came back to haunt her at the same time. She freezes, I nut, you bookmark.

    Date: 06/10/17 Views: 94,031 Category: Amateur

  • The "WRONG HOLE!" Collection (2017)

    The "WRONG HOLE!" Collection (2017)

    Some of these clips are pretty old. Some are new. But all are certain to increase blood pressure to your bearded war hammer. I guarantee it.

    Date: 06/10/17 Views: 115,340 Category: Compilations

  • Girlfriend Wasn't Ready

    Girlfriend Wasn't Ready

    She's cute... right up until he fires his glitter spitter. Her dry heave @1:51 does a great job of killing my towering erection she created just minutes earlier.

    Date: 06/09/17 Views: 82,045 Category: Derp