• The Struggle is Real

    The Struggle is Real

    Today we get educated on 3 vital things, so grab your t-square and pay attention. #1: Ancestry.com is a troll site. #2: Language barriers aren't an excuse when you talk like a dyslexic chinchilla. And #3: 25 is the new 100.

    Date: 08/23/17 Views: 15,192 Category: LMAO

  • I Believe It

    I Believe It

    Gender-bending haircuts, legit physical similarities, possible inbreeding... all in the name of passing off 'brother and sister video #2391" as authentic. Quite unsettling. I'd say A&E's fetish for adult diapers has met it's match.

    Date: 08/23/17 Views: 18,016 Category: Incest

  • The 76th Gender

    The 76th Gender

    Modern society can't walk more than 6 feet without tearing the phone out, and frantically telling the population how different they are from it. It's a srs disorder, and let me tell you: identifying as a toilet is as good as it gets folks.

    Date: 08/22/17 Views: 38,713 Category: WTF

  • Snake Charmer

    Snake Charmer

    Dude's hung like a donkey. Most men with such gifts would throw on the Calvin Klein cut-offs & hit the beach. Not this centaur. He loves to socialize.

    Date: 08/22/17 Views: 44,726 Category: Big Dicks

  • "yo she twitchin"

    "yo she twitchin"

    Urkel sets up his BLM movement in some grade-A trailer park tushy and she's spazzing out like an epileptic at a rave - How can things get better? They can't. But the vulcan cock grip she pulls off at 2:31 is a great start.

    Date: 08/21/17 Views: 55,050 Category: Webcams

  • Tyrannical Penetrations

    Tyrannical Penetrations


    Date: 08/21/17 Views: 49,681 Category: Porn

  • "i can't do this"

    "i can't do this"

    kinda disappointed fam

    Date: 08/20/17 Views: 82,413 Category: Teen

  • Not Ready for 9 Inches

    Not Ready for 9 Inches

    Meet Yuki: FetLife member, and Female Gender Studies enthusiast. She's not exactly the type to shy away from one-night-stands or secondhand tampons. But today that carefree attitude is about to get Bill fuckin Cosby'd.

    Date: 08/20/17 Views: 68,598 Category: Asians

  • The Scene that Retired Lily Thai

    The Scene that Retired Lily Thai

    Three years of forcing porn producers to scotch guard everything in a 2-mile radius was no problemo. But ~60 secs of churning butt butter? GAME OVER. Ladies and gents: I present to you the enigma of Asian scrag hags.

    Date: 08/19/17 Views: 95,660 Category: Rekt

  • Unexpected Penis

    Unexpected Penis

    Did flashing interns at the local 7-11 becoming a challenge or something? Apparently this winner prefers cleaning ladies. Specifically the types that have to bleachthe shit stains out of Walmart porcelain. C - L - A - S - S - Y

    Date: 08/19/17 Views: 86,388 Category: Busted

  • Hooker Surprises Herself

    Hooker Surprises Herself

    Don't let that lack of muscle tone fool you: She's a protein assassin. We all have a calling in life... and after skull-fucking the basic multiplication skills out of herself, I think we all know what her future holds. ยป networking.

    Date: 08/18/17 Views: 89,626 Category: Impressive



    Today's Lesson: Looking like Peggy Hill won't save you, anal sex is the cure for racism we're all looking for, and watching an XL female treat a black man's penis like the pastry line at Golden Corral is strangely erotic. yeeeep.

    Date: 08/18/17 Views: 76,536 Category: Beefy

  • CrossFit? CrossFUCKED

    CrossFit? CrossFUCKED

    Nice sling shot.

    Date: 08/17/17 Views: 93,001 Category: Ouch

  • Anal after Chipotle? BAD IDEA

    Anal after Chipotle? BAD IDEA

    Buttsex is buttsex, I don't like to discriminate. But when your mud puddle starts spitting the deposit back in my direction, we're walking on the line of unforgivable m'lady. One semi-prolapse, and it's relationship termination.

    Date: 08/17/17 Views: 64,611 Category: Anal

  • Young and Shameless

    Young and Shameless

    More here

    Date: 08/16/17 Views: 99,500 Category: Slutty

  • 25% Consensual

    25% Consensual

    This chumpo prefers his women to be on the defensive, specifically ones that have the best set of knockers I've seen this side of Walmart's customer service line. I promise, its the greatest ICP-fan sex tape you'll fap to today.

    Date: 08/16/17 Views: 114,870 Category: Hot

  • You Can't Break Her

    You Can't Break Her

    How many times have I said "mother of fuckin' AC Fucking Slater, this dude's custard cannon weighs more than her entire body" ? Sixty four. How many times did I actually mean it in the literal sense? Zero. UNTIL NOW.

    Date: 08/15/17 Views: 118,645 Category: Big Dicks

  • Okay... what the FUCK is this?

    Okay... what the FUCK is this?

    Dude must've spent a good portion of his life being blue-balled, leaving him with only 1 pathway to sex outside of the zoo. He deals with fornication the same way I dealt with Battletoads on NES... buttnaked and confused.

    Date: 08/14/17 Views: 118,136 Category: Bizarre

  • Disturbingly Realistic

    Disturbingly Realistic

    Kenzie Reeves. aka porn's newest 78 pound answer to the most important question of 2017: "how far can we go with incestuous storylines?" A sexual Joanna Lannister if you will. More ridiculous facial expressions HERE.

    Date: 08/14/17 Views: 101,395 Category: Porn

  • The Gentleman's Guide to Anal Sex

    The Gentleman's Guide to Anal Sex

    This guy might as well be the Conor McGregor of butthole dysfunction, and today he's teaching Relationships 101. Adopt his patented "Oklahoma whiff n' dip", and I promise, ur lady will never think about crying misogyny again.

    Date: 08/13/17 Views: 106,701 Category: Assholes

  • She's a Fighter

    She's a Fighter

    @avoidingthepuddle, breakdown these just-frames for me.

    Date: 08/13/17 Views: 83,715 Category: Cosplay

  • Damaged Goods at 19 Y/O

    Damaged Goods at 19 Y/O

    Bad translation, or a new wave of feminism? I don't know, but her days of leading roles are over. It'd be like casting Dwayne Johnson in a drama about physically handicapped transgenders. Some things just can't be pulled off.

    Date: 08/12/17 Views: 96,325 Category: Fail

  • LOL That's All You Got?

    LOL That's All You Got?

    Humiliating defeat.

    Date: 08/12/17 Views: 105,838 Category: Premature

  • SURPRISE at the Glory Hole

    SURPRISE at the Glory Hole

    As if whoring his girlfriend out to multiple strangers on Tinder isn't bad enough, this roody poo cuckaboo discovers a new way to bloom in the garden of STD's. Except this time, they're actually out of their element, lol.

    Date: 08/11/17 Views: 108,519 Category: WTF




    Date: 08/11/17 Views: 125,502 Category: MILF

  • Shit Just Got Real!

    Shit Just Got Real!

    Camgirl? Pro? More like Jennifer Lawrence 27 trips to Burning Man later. Whoever she is, I hope sacrificing complete control over her rectal muscles was worth the 50 tokens. Interesting approach to spearfishing seen @8:58.

    Date: 08/10/17 Views: 115,408 Category: Anal

  • Twisted Sisters

    Twisted Sisters

    This is perverse. More perverse than that time I took advantage of free chimichanga day at a local taco hut before a colonoscopy. Wait no, that was hilarious. In other words: 'i made it rain'. More public depravity videos HERE.

    Date: 08/10/17 Views: 99,119 Category: Incest

  • I'll NEVER trust porn again

    I'll NEVER trust porn again

    No one will notice, right?

    Date: 08/09/17 Views: 119,849 Category: Busted



    Most erections flat line after being denied so aggressively, maybe translate into a domestic violence case or 3. Not this guy. He refuses to take no for an answer, and the result is more physical therapy than physical attraction.

    Date: 08/09/17 Views: 103,053 Category: Anal



    Full story here

    Date: 08/08/17 Views: 99,873 Category: Cops